Zak Greant scripsit:

> The intent of the exception is to allow more Free/Libre and Open Source  
> Software applications to be able to form derivative works with  
> GPL-licensed MySQL software.

The exception says that the MySQL client code can be combined with
any code licensed under one of a laundry-list of FLOSS licenses.
However, it does not require that the resulting code be so licensed.
Thus, you could have component A licensed under the BSD license
(which does *not* require derivative works to be made available in
source form) combined with your libraries and the result delivered
in binary form only.  Presumably this is not what you want.

> If you have input to provide, please use the issue tracking system at  
> or directly email me. I do ask  
> that you review the existing issues in our issue tracking system before  
> commenting. See for a  
> list of issues.

I have sent this both direct to you and to the list.

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