> Hi all,
 > I've released my C++ header-only library macstl under the Pixelglow Source
 > License, which is basically equivalent to a BSD license except for two things:
 > http://www.pixelglow.com/macstl/license/
 > 1. It has the modified files attribution clause from GPL.
 > 2. You can compile sources for 30 days without registering, but if you don't
 > register you have to delete all compiled sources.
 > I'm wondering whether given the OSI requirement for "free
 > distribution", this would be an insurmountable obstacle to getting
 > OSI approval.

It would be insurmountable.  You are free to ask people to register,
you are free to put code into the program which prompts people to
register, but you can't require them to register nor can you prohibit
them from removing that code.

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