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The Attribution license element requires that the upstream creator's
copyright notices be kept intact; that their names or pseudonyms, if
provided, be included in the work where other authors' names are, as
best as possible for the medium; and that an URL for license and
copyright info be included.

(This is a summary, and the details are much better explained in the
legal text of the licenses, which can be found at the URLs above.
Some people compare this requirement to the notorious "obnoxious BSD
advertising clause". I disagree, at least about the obnoxious part,
but that's just me.)

ANYWAYS, my correspondent said that a previous license that had
similar attribution requirements was refused approval. My question to
the audience is: does anyone remember this incident? Is there
something about requiring attribution that's not OSD-compatible?

Well obnoxiousness per se is not part of the OSI criteria, though it will surely get you castigated on this mailing list. :-)

There certainly are licenses that require attribution of various kinds that are OSI-approved, like the Artistic License and specifically the "Attribution Assurance License".


Can you describe how and if the CC license requirements may differ from this?

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