Quoting Marius Amado Alves ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):

> No. That would breach clause 6 of the OSD (as I think it was already 
> noted). That's why the SDC Conditions  (www.softdevelcoop.org), a 
> "commercial open source" licence, is not OSI-compliant.

Please, for the sake of clarity, do not refer to examples of (plainly)
non-OSD-compliant licensing as "open source'.  The "Conditions of Use of
SDC Artifacts v. 2" licence linked from the above URL _very_ obviously
transgresses OSD clause #6.

> and because your questioning indicates convergence with the SDC 
> philosophy, which is really simple: it's open source, but if it's used 
> commercially, then the authors get a cut.

No, it's fundamentally not open source at all.

It may be a fine and useful licence for particular objectives, but
please don't call it open source, as it's not that.

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