Quoting Marius Amado Alves ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):

> This is just words, but anyway: dual-licensing involves a closed source 
> license as much as an open one; in business terms, even more, because 
> that's where the money is. So dual-licensing is really less an "open 
> source model" than a "closed" one. I'd really like to be shown any 
> essential flaw in this reasoning. 

If you're claiming the _only_ purpose of dual-licensing is to support
proprietary business models, then there are any number of
counter-examples.  Offhand, the one that comes to mind is the AIC7xxx
SCSI host adapter block-device driver, which, when last I checked, was
dual-licensed GPL and BSD in order to be used by both Linux and BSD

(Please note that the term "closed source" is unclear and pretty nearly
meaningless.  Therefore, I use "proprietary" to denote software not
available under OSD/DFSG-compliant terms.)

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