Rick Moen scripsit:

>    "With rare exceptions, if you use a licence other than BSD (new or
>    old), MIT/X, GPL, LGPL, MPL, CPL, AFL, OSL, you're probably dooming 
>    your project to gratuitous and pointless licence incompatibility with 
>    third-party codebases and ensuring that it will be ignored by the 
>    very developers you're trying to reach by adopting open source.

I did a little research at Sourceforge and Freshmeat, looking at licenses
(excluding the non-FLOSS ones at Sourceforge).  First of all, the GPL has
about 70% of the projects, so let's leave it out so that the contrasts
between other licenses become clearer.  

Averaging the two sites together, we get the following:

                32% LGPL
                31% BSD (old or new)
                5% MIT/X
                5% MPL
                2% CPL or IBM
                1% OSL
                1% AFL

Licenses you didn't mention:

                8% Artistic or Perl
                5% Apache (any version)
                1% Qt
                1% zlib/libpng
                8% all others (none more than 1% individually)

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