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> All, esp. Sam:
> It irks me that some companies or individuals could use open-source
> software for profit under "internal use", and not pay the original
> author.

  If what you want is to create a monopoly and charge a monopoly rent
(paying the author royalties) or control "internal use", then you don't
want open source.  As a contributor to Open Source I oppose the concept of
monopolies and monopoly rents, and do not care what sector (public,
private, education, etc) a user/contributor comes from, or whether they
are for-profit or not.

  That is my choice, and I choose Free/Libre and Open Source Software.  

  If you don't agree with that choice, then create/use/distribute/modify
non-free software.  As soon as you go with non-free software you have lost
the open-sharing of the open source development model which exists only
because of the lack of a monopoly required to collect a monopoly rent or
control "internal use", so you should not concern yourself with "trying to
have your cake and eating mine too".

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