Now that I've sent out the MPL, I'll raise again the question of four
MPL-derived licenses that appear to belong in the "licenses that have
been voluntarily retired" list. [Originally raised in Jan. 2010 and
again in Mar. 2011.]

* CUA Office license: as of Jan. 2010, their website[1] said that the
project was dissolved and they had requested that the license be
'withdrawn from the OSI list'. Since Jan. 2010 their website has
apparently been whittled down as part of the recent SF reorg, and this
text can no longer be found.

* Sun Public License v 1.0: Simon says this is officially retired; in
Jan. 2010 he cited this blog post in support of that claim, but it
only references SISSL:

* CA TOSL: can no longer find essentially any references to this on
the CA website[2]; appears to have been written to cover the official
source release of Ingres in 2004[3], but Ingres has since moved to
GPL[4]. Not sure this counts as voluntarily retired, per se, but does
seem to have basically vanished off the net (other than the OSI
website.) Russ said in March he'd asked a contact about it; any news?

* Ricoh Public Source License: can't find any references to this on
the ricoh website, and the site and projects it was originally
intended to work with ( appears to be AWOL, and as best
as I can tell no one distributes any code under this license. Same as
above: maybe not voluntarily retired, but basically vanished from the
net other than OSI. Russ said in March he'd asked a contact about it; any news?


<- first hit there doesn't actually contain the text; second hit is a
slide deck; third deck is historical information.
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