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> Regarding the abusive moderator, it's all about trust. I trust the ones in
> here.

As do I.  However, it's always nice to not be completely dependent on
trust no matter how merited.  Thus my point.

(Reminds me, in a way, of the cryptography-jargon sense of the term
'trusted', which is frequently misunderstood rather badly:  A 'trusted'
component is one whose reliability must be taken for granted rather than
being amenable to verification.)

> Regarding privacy, it's like signing don't lock your doors because
> burglars can find their way in anyway if they really want to.

No, it's more like don't put 'Please don't burgle me' plastic seals on
your doorknobs, impeding your _own_ use of the doorknobs, under the
mistaken impression that the seals are deterring burglars while wilfilly
ignoring the real impediment to functionality.

Again, if you want the details, we'll need to go into them elsewhere --
though long experience suggests to me that almost all 'hide from
spammers' advocates either cannot understand or decline to understand
the technical details of why 'hide from spammers' _literally does not work_.

Rick M.

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