On 01/06/2013 04:23 AM, John Cowan wrote:
* *Direct contact*: it is always appropriate to email a list member,
mention that you think their behavior was out of line, and (if
necessary) point them to this document.

* *On-list*: discussing conduct on-list, either as part of another
message or as a standalone thread, is always acceptable. Note, though,
that approaching the person directly can be better, as it tends to
make them less defensive, and it respects the time of other list
members, so you probably want to try direct contact first.

* *Moderators*: You can reach the moderators (Luis Villa and Karl
Fogel) through the addresses they use for on-list communication, or
through [link].

I would like the "direct contact" option placed third and last, where
hopefully most people will not even reach it.

I think the order is fine as it is. (and hopefully most people will never need any of these options :)

-- kuno / warp.

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