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> This may be of interest to folks here: the EUPL folks have published a
> 1.2 draft. While they have not submitted it to OSI, if anyone has
> spare cycles to give it a once-over, it seems like it would be good
> for us to do so earlier rather than later.

I agree, and read it over.  I see no changes that would affect its Open
Source status, and I think OSI should fast-track it as soon as they get
a formal submission.  Here are the changes I see:

1) The scope is extended from software to any kind of work.

2) Additional agreements are extended from "support, warranty, indemnity,
or other liability obligations" to any obligations whatsoever.

3) References to the European Commission and the European Communities
are updated to the EU.

4) The list of licenses which can supersede the EUPL in the case of
works that are dual-licensed has been extended to additional copyleft
licenses as well as new versions of existing licenses.  This provision
allows you to take, for example, a EUPL+GPL work and treat it as licensed
under the GPL only.

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