Hi, all-

At some time in the past, we (incorrectly) allowed comments on
individual licenses on opensource.org. This leads to confusion from
casual readers, who tend to assume that those comments are official,
when they can be wrong. (It does not help that some comments are
labeled as being written by "administrator.")

For example, see the two comments here:

So: we'd like to nuke all the comments.

But we'd like to do that with a bit of discrimination. Specifically,
we'd like to review the comments before deletion, to see if any of
them should be in the FAQ.

Good FAQ questions are general, rather than around any specific
license; specific license questions should be addressed by the license
authors. Because of that, I expect that not many comments will get
promoted/rewritten into FAQ questions. But still, making the effort to
review them, just in case, seems worthwhile.

So: a call for volunteers. It isn't rocket science :) If you want to help out:

1) Pick a license page, read the comments.

2) If you think one of them should be elevated to FAQ-hood, email the
list, and we can discuss. (Feel free to propose FAQ question and
answer if you'd like!)

3) If you think they should be nuked (or you discover it has no
comments), email me, and I'll do the admin work to clean it out.

I'll also set up a wiki page (location TBD) to track which licenses
have been reviewed (based on #2 and #3), so people aren't opening the
same licenses over and over again.

Thanks in advance to everyone who pitches in to make the website a
little more reliable.

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