On 3/5/13, Luis Villa <l...@tieguy.org> wrote:
> So: we'd like to nuke all the comments.
> But we'd like to do that with a bit of discrimination. Specifically,
> we'd like to review the comments before deletion, to see if any of
> them should be in the FAQ.

Thank you for the call! I think it can only help, and the site will be better
for it.

On 3/6/13, Karl Fogel <kfo...@red-bean.com> wrote:
> Folks: remember you'll need to get an authorized account to edit.  Luis
> should be able to create those (and Luis, if you can't, let me know and
> we'll fix that).

Please do note: if you mean the wiki, I have been able to edit the wiki page,
with a newly created wiki account. Unless it has been manually approved
without me requesting it, then this doesn't sound like intended behavior?
Sorry if I misunderstand.

On a different note. While the comments system has not been ideal, I
think the point itself to allow and encourage people to ask questions, or
point out issues with the licenses, is still worth consideration... perhaps
by encouragement to use this mailing list, instead?

I'd suggest to replace the former "Log in to enter a comment" section
with a line like:
"If you have questions, please see the <link>FAQ page, or check the
license-discuss mailing list archive."

Just a suggestion. It's only one line. :)
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