I'm posting this on behalf of Alex Siegal, who is CC'd, because he's
having trouble posting to our list (the posts disappear, never even end
up in the moderation queue -- we'll take it up separately with the
infrastructure crew).  Alex writes:

>I would like to use the Frameworx license.  What, if any, modifications
>am I permitted to make and still be distributing source code pursuant
>to the approved Open Source Frameworx license?  For example, can I
>change "The Frameworx Company" to the name of my company?  Also, there
>are typo's and incorrect cross references in the license.  Am I
>permitted to modify those so they are correct?

Please keep Alex CC'd on all discussion.  I'm not sure how he'll post
back, but we'll find a way to make it work until we understand why his
mails are disappearing.

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