On 03/20/2013 06:03 PM, Karl Fogel wrote:
Luis Villa <l...@tieguy.org> writes:
* Luis Villa <l...@tieguy.org> [2013-03-17 10:58]:
I agree that these should be served as plain text without the CMS
header/footer/etc., but don't (offhand) see a way of doing this in the
CMS. Any lurking Drupal masters want to show me how it can be done?

I don't believe it can be done by creating a page in Drupal; instead,
I suggest you attach the plain text version to the page of the
license, and then you can link to the attachment (which will be a
plain text file).

That works.

It'd probably be fine to just use an HTML page with a "<plaintext>"
tag?  People can easily copy-and-paste from that.

I much prefer real plain text files served as text/plain.

Those are the files typically included in new open source projects and a wget or curl is just a easier and faster than fumbling with copy/paste to add a license to a project (though the fumbling may just mean I'm old-fashioned).

-- warp / kuno.

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