I noticed your comment on the board meeting in DC as well as the
membership initiative and little connection between the two.

So...what's the deal? I'm either not actually on the members listserv or
there's been zero traffic since I joined.

An annual general meeting kinda like a stockholder meeting would be useful.

On 3/27/13 1:19 AM, "Luis Villa" <l...@tieguy.org> wrote:

>Taking suggestions for a few more days.
>On Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 1:18 PM, Luis Villa <l...@tieguy.org> wrote:
>> I just blogged my own OSI year-in-review, based on a review of my own
>> email archives of threads I participated in. This sort-of doubles as a
>> license-discuss year in review, but obviously leaves out a variety of
>> things I didn't help out with/wasn't involved with.
>> I want to produce a version of this for the OSI website that covers
>> everyone's work, not just mine. So please - take a look at my post,
>> and email me (or the list) any suggestions you have for a fleshed-out,
>> all-members, post for the OSI website.
>> Thanks-
>> Luis
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