Hi, all-

Would anyone like to take on the task of reviewing and updating the
various educational materials we have on the site? I was pointed at
some of this recently, and while none of it is embarassingly dated as
the history page I revised last year, some of it is pretty lacking.

I'm thinking in particular:

- lack of a single page that defines what open source is. It has been
suggested that http://opensource.com/resources/what-open-source and
might be good references in drafting this page.

- bibliography that is quite solid, but judging from the age of the
books, not updated since 2005: http://opensource.org/links

- "case for business" that refers to "Frank Hecker of Netscape":
http://opensource.org/advocacy/case_for_business.php Frank hasn't been
with "Netscape" in over a decade, or Mozilla for four years.

- We lack a good HOWTO for applying licensing information. Such a
thing could link to SFLC's guide on the subject (or Karl's brief one
in Producing OSS) but should be useful on its own.

Anyone game for producing drafts of these? Thanks in advance!

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