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> WHICH of the licensors do you look to?
> For example, Mr. Satyanarayana plans to combine (in some way) Apache 2.0 and
> GPLv3 code under a GPLv2 license. Apache licensors say "That's wonderful! Go
> ahead and do that!"  The GPLv2 authors -- not a party to this transaction,
> by the way -- say "We don't like that."
> Who does Satya listen to? And who does his downstream licensee listen to?

To whoever owns the copyrights.  His objective is to avoid infringing
any of their copyrights by complying with their conditions as to
their respective properties -- but only to the limit of that copyright's
reach in each case.

What must he then do in a situation where he 'combines in some way'
codebases under diverse licences?  That probebly depends a great deal on
the specific facts, which will tend to guide an estimate of where the
likely boundaries of 'derivative work' extends to and where it does not.

> And who does OSI suggest that any of us listen to on an important FOSS
> combination/project like this one?

I'll admit I've lost the track and cannot recall what the particulars
are.  (I blame either too much or too little caffeine.)

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