Quoting Ben Tilly (bti...@gmail.com):

> For example I point to the efforts of Allison Randal of The Perl
> Foundation in the case Jacobsen v. Katzer in litigation regarding the
> Artistic License.

And, just another little point.  You _are_ aware that Randal, despite
her many accomplishments, was not drafter of that licence, right?
Assuming you knew that, then what are you going on about, Ben?

And if hypothetically Alison Randal rather than Larry Wall _had_ been
drafter of that disasterously awful licence -- and I'm rather glad for
her sake that she wasn't -- why would the judge consider her a competent
witness to testify about what was on Robert Jacobsen's and the other
JRML coders' minds when they released Java code under AL 1.0?  Are they
all golf buddies?  In the same Masonic lodge?  Group therapy?

You see where I'm going with that, I hope.  You know, that whole
'competent and relevant' thing.  If not, I'd _truly_ better give this up.
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