Unfortunately the open source world has not been very amenable to things
that stray beyond the scope of fairly narrow definitions of open source.
Thus we have nothing equivalent to Creative Commons for software that
would cover not just CC-BY and CC-BY-SA but also NC, ND and in your case
some kind of time delay license.

Once you get into the shared source, academic/non-commercial use source,
reference source, etc I'm not aware of any organization that wants to care
about any issues you have nor very willing to acknowledge any merits of
these kinds of licenses.

CC at least provides a framework to reduce proliferation, etc and if you
pick a ND or NC feature it'll warn you that it isn't a "Free Culture"
license but is happily inclusive of your desire to share your work in some
fashion and understands you need to make a living and can't always share
to the level you might otherwise wish to.

I would suggest you talk with CC but I suspect you will run into the
mantra of "CC doesn't cover software".



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