On Sun, Aug 18, 2013, at 02:25 PM, Eben Moglen wrote:
> You seem determined to take offense, Mr Cowan.  

Dr. Moglen,  

I'd like to highlight Cowan's advice since I've found it very helpful
(and completely un-obvious) in my own life:  

  "Civil apologies require confession, contrition, and 
   promise of amendment."  

Just a few years past, my younger brother called me out with a 
similar message and I very much lost it.    However, after a few 
*years* (20?) reflection I came to understand I was very wrong, 
and that my distraction, distortion, and false apology were morally 
corrupt baggage.   John isn't trying to hurt you, he's trying to help 
you grow as a person ... if he didn't care about the community 
and Free Software he would remain silent.


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