On Jan 29, 10:54 pm, Sergey Andreev <andser...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Liftlers,
> I am migrating one of my application to the lift as a way to learn it and i
> would like to ask a question.
> After submitting a form i would like to do a redirect and show the submitted
> values on the other template. I have 2 templates and i use the same snippet
> in both of them to render a dynamic content.
> As far as i understand there are 2 ways to make it work: saving state using
> SessionVars(which works for me) or extending StatefulSnippet and calling
> this.redirectTo on it (looking at the sources it should register the
> stateful snippet in the session). I've tried extending StatefulSnippet but
> it doesn't work for me. A hashed value is added to the redirect url which
> should map to the stateful snippet but the state is lost. I don't understand
> what i am doing wrong.
> The simplified example of the code:
> class MySnippet extend StatefulSnippet {
>   private var myValues: List[String] = List()
>   val dispatch.. = {
>     case "save" => save_
>     case "show" => show _
>   }
>   def show = {
>     myValues.foreach(Log.info(_)) //nothing here
>   }
>   def save(xhtml: NodeSeq) : NodeSeq = {
>     def processForm = {
>       myValues.foreach(Log.info(_)) //submitted values are printed out
>       this.redirectTo("/show")
>     }

Unless I'm missing something I do not this your values can be shown in
the new template. There is an overloaded S.redirectTo where you can
specify a function to be executed when the redirect is receives. Hence
here you can pass state. See

def redirectTo[T](where: String, func: () => Unit): T

In this function you could probably set some RequestVar holding your
needed state and when you snippet is rendered in the /show page you
just read the info from these RequestVar(s).

>     bind("render", xhtml,
>        ...... //render textboxes and register functions which add values to
> the myValues list
>        "submit" -> submit("Submit", processForm)
>   }
> }
> Thanks,
> Sergey
> P.S. The more i learn about Lift the more i like it. Thank you David and all
> lift committers!!!
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