I have encountered a bug in the mixinAttributes method

If you put the following xml in the template:

     <input type="text" style="..."/>

and bind it like that: bind("data", xhtml, "textBoxes" ->
mixinAttributes(text("",....)) _)
then the attributes won't be merged.

Whereas, if you change the template:
<data:textBoxes><input type="text" style="..."/>

attributes are merged. The problem is that in the first template, the child
NodeSeq of the textBoxes element has a first element without attributes so
the following line returns Null

val attributes = in.firstOption.map(_.attributes).getOrElse(Null)

I made a hack with filtering in's elements on having non-null attributes
with non-zero length before applying firstOption.
It would be nice if that bug will be addressed in the future releases.


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