thank you for the suggestion (and reallllly nice of javarebel to make
this available to scala devels!), much nicer than refreshing and
getting a jetty no-contexts page.

unfortunately, as scala:cc is polling rather than using a filesystem
notifier, the latency between file modification and .class update is
huge. on top of that, the compiler is quite slow, therefore most of
the time, i reload, and the page has not yet changed.

my gut feeling (maybe there are better options) is that scala should
in development mode on request verify that the timestamps of all files
are earlier than that of the .class files. if thats the case, it
should block until the .class file timestamps change. probably some
corner cases, but this should be enough most of the time.

going to find some docs on working on lift itself.


On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 5:07 PM, Timothy Perrett
<> wrote:
> Alex, you could always use JavaRebel... This will replace the classes
> dynamically for you instantly (no more Jetty reboots required, just browser
> refresh). They do a scala only version of JavaRebel that you can download
> for free.
> Thanks
> Tim
> On 19/03/2009 15:12, "Alexander Kellett" <> wrote:
>> is it possible for lift to block until such compiles are redone? the
>> compiler is simply too slow at this point to be used with such an
>> interactive cycle for me alas. i reload and get either the old, or
>> 500s. simply too error prone.
>> Alex
>> On Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 6:02 AM, David Pollak
>> <> wrote:
>>> One can get continuous build with any editor.  mvn scala:cc scans for
>>> changed files and recompiles.  With the compiler changes that David MacIver
>>> is work on, the compiler will not only recompile the changed files, but also
>>> all dependent files (including dependencies due to implicits, traits, etc.)
>>> Using mvn scala:cc or Eclipse along with JavaRebel makes writing Lift apps
>>> kinda sorta like writing web apps in a scripting language.
>> >
> >

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