I'm wading into an area that I'm a bit unfamiliar with and not sure if
I'm running in a bug.

Snippet code:
class HelloWorld {
  def ajaxFunc1() : JsCmd = JsRaw("alert('Button1 clicked')")

  def ajaxFunc2(str: String) : JsCmd = {
    Log.info("Received" + str)
    JsRaw("alert('Button2 clicked')")

  def renderAjaxButtons(xhtml: NodeSeq): NodeSeq = {
    bind("ex", xhtml,
      "button1" -> SHtml.ajaxButton("Press Me", ajaxFunc1 _),
      "button2" -> <button>Press Me 2</button> % ("onclick" ->
SHtml.ajaxCall(Str("Button-2"), ajaxFunc2 _)))

Which is in this template:
    <ex:button1 /><br />
    <ex:button2 /><br />

And is rendered thusly:
  <button onclick="lift_ajaxHandler('F687305521434PIG=true', null,
null); return false;">Press Me</button><br />

    <button onclick="(F687305521435R3K,lift_ajaxHandler
('F687305521435R3K=' + 'Button-2', null, null))">Press Me 2</
button><br />

Button 1 is find, but Button 2 causes FireBug to whine:
F687305521435R3K is not defined
onclick(click clientX=500, clientY=239)2 (line 2)
[Break on this error] F687305521435R3K,
lift_ajaxHandl...F687305521435R3K=Button-2", null, null);

Does the second onclick look incorrect to you?

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