I think a lot of people coming to scala from ruby are more familiar
with the terminal and textmate style combination... using large IDE's
with boat loads of features is more for people coming from a
traditional java background. Thats not to say they don't have merit,
of course they do, but I think they wouldn't add a lot of value to
people who arnt used to using an IDE full stop and possibly dont see
why they should use one.

Having gone Java -> Ruby -> Scala, I started off being an eclipse guy
but after coding in ruby for a few years just didnt want to step back
into eclipse or netbeans: neither "felt right"

Cheers, Tim

On Apr 9, 8:01 pm, "Charles F. Munat" <c...@munat.com> wrote:
> I was thinking that I'd start with Textmate, since I've used that the
> most and it's what most Rails developers use, and then move to NetBeans,
> since that seems to be pretty popular. But I could take a quick look at
> Eclipse, too.

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