On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 5:26 PM, David Pollak
<feeder.of.the.be...@gmail.com> wrote:
> While we are a community that welcomes newbies and tries to work with as
> many different people and with as many different styles as possible, there
> are things that we've collectively learned.  We've found that Maven is
> preferable for our style of development.  If you want to use Ant, there's
> nothing stopping you and we'd welcome some Ant scripts for building Lift,
> but we're not going to stop what we're doing and write one for you just
> because you demand that we do so.  Please go back and write the Ant scripts
> yourself and contribute to the community rather than being rude to us
> because we don't do things the way you want.  That will demonstrate that you
> are willing to contribute in rather than demand and insult when your demands
> are not met.

many people are scared by maven. myself included after my previous
"fun" with getting lift working.

is there a way to get a self contained "hello world" zip up on github
if it is not already there? afaiu maven also allows for local caches,
could that that be placed in the zip, or is it simply too big?

i think that might scare people much less than pasting the very opaque
four liner which asks questions i do not know the answer to :)


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