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2009/5/18 David Pollak <>:
> Folks,
> As you all may or may not know, I've been battling memory retention issues
> with the Scala Actor libraries for 6 or so months now.  I believe that I've
> finally nailed the complete issues.
> They are as follows:
> There is an object called ActorGC that keeps track of all the actors in the
> system.  Due to the implementation as some other bugs in the Actor library,
> the ActorGC code retains references to all Actors that have been created
> until there is significant pressure on the garbage collector, then the
> references may or may not be released.  In order to combat this, I wrote
> code that uses reflection to look through the ActorGC retained references
> and I unretain the references for all Actors that have exited.
> The Actor library sits on top of a modified version of Doug Lea's ForkJoin
> library.  Due to bugs in the library or bugs in the enhancements, the
> library retains references to a substantial number of messages that have
> ever been sent from one Actor to another.  I've replaced the default
> scheduler with a scheduler based on the java.util.concurrent library with a
> default of 10 worker threads.  If you want to use the standard Scala Actor
> scheduler, in Boot, set ActorSchedulerFixer.performFix = false
> I've been running a stress test against the new code that in the past would
> result in retaining 32MB of memory over a 30 minute period.  Over the last
> 30 minutes it has not retained any memory.
> I've started a thread on the Scala internals list and I hope that we'll be
> able to get the Actors fixed up for the 2.8 release.
> The above fixes will only impact you if you rely on particular facits of the
> existing Actor scheduling or ActorGC classes.
> Thanks,
> David
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