> First, and most important to Lift, a conceptual framework for doing
> concurrency.  Without the Actor model, Lift would not have such a rich model
> for building interactive applications.
> A design that keeps true to the Erlang Actor model in that it supports
> linking, run states, and other things that make an OTP style library
> possible. (Hey Jonas, where's that OTP library?)

Here it is the repo:

Or do you mean that it has not happened much there for a while?
I certainly plan to expand it quite a lot, even have some code I could
make its way into it eventually.

Jonas Bonér

twitter: @jboner
blog:    http://jonasboner.com
work:   http://crisp.se
work:   http://scalablesolutions.se
code:   http://github.com/jboner

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