Hi guys.

I have been talking with David Pollak the rest of the lift team about
adding JTA to Lift. I have implemented that for a product written in
Scala some time ago. Now some of that code is OSS at:

We used using two different APIs.
1. Annotations (would require Lift to support proxied objects, e.g.
grab them from a factory):

def transactionalMethod = { ... }

2. Call-by-name:

withTxRequired {
  ... // do transational stuff

But I don't know what fits Lift and would like to know how you guys
would like to have JTA integrated.
At which level? Which APIs? Etc.

Jonas Bonér

twitter: @jboner
blog:    http://jonasboner.com
work:   http://crisp.se
work:   http://scalablesolutions.se
code:   http://github.com/jboner

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