I'm new to Lift/Scala and trying to understand/experiment with Lift's View
folder.  I've not gotten past a 404 error on the browser (as it relates to
the View folder; templates render fine).

I've been reading "Exploring Lift" (~Section 3.7) along with "What's the
'View' folder for?" from http://wiki.liftweb.net/index.php/FAQ.

Following are the URL and corresponding class (in the View Folder and
adapted from http://github.com/dpp/liftweb/...

The server is maven/jetty.

I'm struggling to find other reading materials/examples which highlight my
error(s); any help is appreciated.  Thanks!  Dan


URL: http://localhost:8080/XmlFun/index

package org.delreino.simplyLift.view

import _root_.scala.xml.{Text, Node, NodeSeq}
import _root_.net.liftweb.http._
import S._
import _root_.net.liftweb.util._

class XmlFun extends LiftView {
    def dispatch = Map("index" -> render _)
    def render = {
        println ("XmlFun")
        <lift:surround with="default" at="content">

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