I am using Lift 1.0 with the Mapper ORM module from Lift. I am a
newbie to Scala and Lift.  I have auto-generated my ORM classes from
a .sql file.  Given that these classes are auto-generated I would
prefer not to edit them directly and provide additional functionality
via inheritance.

Say I have the following...
class StatGenerated extends LongKeyedMapper[StatGenerated] with IdPK {
   def getSingleton = StatGenerated
   object errors extends MappedLong(this)
   object hits extends MappedLong(this)
   object AB extends MappedLong(this)

object StatGenerated extends StatGenerated with LongKeyedMetaMapper
[StatGenerated] {
   override def fieldOrder = List(errors, hits)

class Statistics extends StatGenerated {
   def GetBattingAverage(id : Long) : float = {
                val stat = Stat.findByKey(id)

Now what I would like to do is work with the Statistics class as my
ORM object...
But I believe everything that is ORM related is actually of type
StatGenerated rather than Statistics.  i.e. findByKey will return me a
StatGenerated rather than a Statistics class.  Is there any clever way
around this that I am missing without either modifying the generated
class or duplicating code?

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