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> Hi all,
> I've seen in a couple of posts here that I can just update the
> corresponding dependencies in the POM and get the updated libraries. I
> did this for both the Lift libs (1.0 -> 1.0.2) and the Scala lib
> (2.7.5 -> 2.7.6).

Lift (1.1-X and 1.0.1/1.0.2) is compiled against Scala 2.7.5  This is the
version you should be using.

Do not upgrade to 2.7.6  2.7.6 is a broken release.

> Although Maven did download the new libraries now
> I'm seeing the following warning on mvn jetty:run:
> [WARNING] Multiple versions of scala libraries detected!
> Should I just delete the previous version of the lib from somewhere?
> removing it from the .m2/repository location didn't help.
> Is there a reference for a suggested way to upgrade the Lift and Scala
> version of *existing* projects? I couldn't find it in the Wiki. I
> think this should be clearly documented somewhere (specially for a
> v1.0) and I'll be happy to write a couple of paragraphs on it if I can
> figure out best practices.
> Thanks,
> Ike
> >

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