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> David Pollak <feeder.of.the.be...@gmail.com> writes:
> > I've added code (it's in review board right now) that will automatically
> > farm any snippet with the "do:lazy='true'" attribute set.
> >
> > So, <lift:foo/> will execute the foo snippet inline.
> >
> > <lift:foo do:lazy="true"/> will execute the foo snippet in parallel and
> join
> > the result back to page before its rendered.
> Very nice! In what context is the snippet executed? I assume that
> all timeout handling, errors etc should be handled by the snippet just
> as in the non-lazy fashion?

The NodeSeq that the snippet returns is rolled into the rendered page.

The SessionVars are available and bi-directional (set anywhere is visible
anywhere.)  The RequestVars are snapshotted at the time the snippet is
forked so you can see all RequestVars that were set before the snippet
forking, but any subsequent changes by either the main thread or the forked
thread are only visible on that thread.

You may nest forked snippets.

S is valid for parallel snippets (including the request, etc.)

> /Jeppe
> >

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