A snippet attribute can be invoked with something other than 
lift:snippet="Class.method"? There's a short syntax? What is it?
What was used for the feature that inserts a snippet asynchronously via Ajax?
My concern is that as more features are thought up and added they shouldn't all 
end up with different prefixes.
Also, if the prefix is nothing special I would go with the more verbose 
"parallel" because otherwise it's not obvious what it does. If it's prefixed 
with "lift:" at least you know it's a lift tag and you can look it up somewhere 
or ask on the list etc. But if you come back to some old template that says 
"do:par" you may be left clueless.

David Pollak<feeder.of.the.be...@gmail.com> wrote:

On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 3:59 AM, Naftoli Gugenheim <naftoli...@gmail.com>wrote:

> Could that be changed to lift:concurrent or lift:par etc. (see email on
> scala-user from Marting Odersky mentioned the future use of 'seq' and 'par'
> in concurrent collections)?
> Why use a different prefix than everything else built in to lift? And
> 'lazy' is arguably not what's happening.

We're using a different prefix because if we use a lift:xxx prefix, the
snippet execution machinery will be invoked on the attribute and we don't
want that.

I'm cool with do:par unless anyone has a better suggestion.



> Thanks.
> -------------------------------------
> Jeppe Nejsum Madsen<je...@ingolfs.dk> wrote:
> David Pollak <feeder.of.the.be...@gmail.com> writes:
> > I've added code (it's in review board right now) that will automatically
> > farm any snippet with the "do:lazy='true'" attribute set.
> >
> > So, <lift:foo/> will execute the foo snippet inline.
> >
> > <lift:foo do:lazy="true"/> will execute the foo snippet in parallel and
> join
> > the result back to page before its rendered.
> Very nice! In what context is the snippet executed? I assume that
> all timeout handling, errors etc should be handled by the snippet just
> as in the non-lazy fashion?
> /Jeppe
> >

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