I am still having this problem so I will post a simple example. Say I
want to display a list of the numbers 1 to 100. And suppose I have an
object Foo and a method bar, which takes an integer and returns an
integer. And bar takes about 10 seconds to return. So I want to
display the numbers, run Foo.bar on each of them in the background,
and then update the display via comet to replace each integer with bar
of it. I got the Clock example to work and I think I understand what
is going on there. Could somebody show me how to do this example in
terms of the Clock example? Or just a few lines of code to suggest how
to do it?

On Sep 18, 12:09 pm, "marius d." <marius.dan...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sep 17, 11:09 pm,jack<jack.wid...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I have a CometActor which displays a list of urls and at the same time
> > launches a bunch of threads each of which gets information about the
> > urls and then puts messages about that information in a Queue. On each
> > new tick, the CometActor checks the queue and updates its urls.
> > The problem is that I am launching the threads from the CometActor and
> > the page is never coming back. It times out.
> So the page never gets rendered? I would recommend using actors and
> not really threads but even with threads it shouldn't impact you. But
> it also depends on what your code does. Can you post a minimalistic
> example?
> > Is there some general principle about launching threads from a
> > CometActor that might explain this behavior?
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