Oh I'm sorry, I got tunnel vision and did not read the rest of your  
code. You'll not be able to do quite what you want, since this.id is  
on the javascript side and the NodeSeq is on the server side.

If you really want this.id within that div, I think you'll have to  
construct or modify the div on the JS side. I rummaged through the  
Lift jQuery docs and I couldn't find something that will append/inject  
to a JQueryLeft (such as JqId) but using a JsExp and not a fixed  
NodeSeq. This is not to say there isn't such a thing, just that I  
couldn't find it. Of course, you can whip this up using the lower  
level javascript stuff:

AnonFunc(JqId("item-save") ~>
          JsFunc("empty") ~>
          JsFunc("after", Call("jQuery", "<div> was toggled</div>") ~>
                          JsFunc("prepend", JsVar("this", "id"))))

Of course, at that point I'd just say it might be a better idea to  
write the JavaScript directly, since this expands to

$("#item-save").empty().after($("<div> was toggled</div>").prepend 


On Sep 29, 2009, at 5:22 PM, glenn wrote:

> Hi, Ross,
> Unfornately, all of these just result in:
> function() {jQuery('#'+"item-save").empty().after("<div>this.id was
> toggled</div>");}
> They simply treat this.id as part of the passed in NodeSeq,
> "<div>this.id was toggled</div>". I need it
> to output <div>this.id + "was toggled"</div>.
> Glenn
> On Sep 29, 1:46 pm, Ross Mellgren <dri...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Try JsVar("this", "id") or JsRaw("this.id")
>> -Ross
>> On Sep 29, 2009, at 4:22 PM, glenn wrote:
>>> I'd like to converting the following
>>> JsRaw("""function() $('#item-save').html(this.id + ' was
>>> toggled')""")
>>> into something more object-oriented, using JQuery support  
>>> functions in
>>> Lift.
>>> I've tried various combiniations, including this
>>> AnonFunc(JqId("item-save") >> JqEmptyAfter(<div>{JsRaw(this.id)} was
>>> toggled</div>))
>>> but nothing seems to work. It just treats this.id as ordinary text,
>>> not as a Javascript variable.
>>> Any ideas would be appreciated.
>>> Glenn
> >

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