Hi all, I'm getting the following error and I think I'm missing
something very simple:
error: type mismatch;
 found   : List[net.liftweb.http.js.JsExp]
 required: net.liftweb.http.js.JsExp
        JsonResponse(JsObj("results" -> JsArray(packets.map(_.asJs))))

I'm trying to transform packets, a List[mymodels.Packet], into a
simple object to be sent in a JsonResponse. As I understand it,
JsArray has a contructor that takes a List[JsExp] but the compile
error suggests that it doesn't. Is this constructor only in SNAPSHOT,
not 1.1-M5? In case it's relevant, here are my relevant package
import _root_.net.liftweb.http.js._
import JsCmds._
import JE._

I'm using Lift 1.1-M5 and Scala 2.7.5. Any help is appreciated.

Peter Robinett
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