Hello everyone,
I have the following code...
case class item(name : String)
class demo {
  def exampleFour(xhtml : NodeSeq) : NodeSeq = {
    val map = Map("Test" -> List(item("1"), item("2"), item("3")),
                  "Vehicles" -> List(item("Bike"), item("Automobile"))
    val articles = List(
                        article("A bunch of text", List(tag("Health"),
                        article("BODY", List(tag("Coming")))
    map.flatMap(a => bind("a", xhtml,
      "body" -> Text(a._1),
      "tags" -> a._2.flatMap(t =>
        bind("t", chooseTemplate("tag", "list", xhtml),
          "name" -> Text(t.name))

And I get this error message...
46: error: type mismatch;
 found   : Iterable[scala.xml.Node]
 required: scala.xml.NodeSeq
    map.flatMap(a => bind("a", xhtml,
one error found

I am not sure how to get around this.  I realize I have different
types but am not sure how they are related and how to convert one to
the other.  I googled for some answers and found stuff related to
Scala 2.8 but am not sure that applies to my situation.

I am using Scala 2.7.5 and Lift 1.1-M5.

Thanks for the help.
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