Sorry Ross, I meant Java Service Wrapper! It was late and I must have  
typed it wrong :-(

Any thoughts? Would it help if put together a rough sample?



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On 13 Oct 2009, at 02:21, Ross Mellgren <> wrote:

> Before I go barking up the wrong tree, by JWS you mean Java Web Start
> or Java Web Services?
>>>>>>> I must confess, Im running a fairly specific config.
>>>>>>> Essentially I
>>>>>>> have an executable WAR file that has a jetty launcher class
>>>>>>> inside -
>>>>>>> its pretty sweet, and it works from the command line doing:
>>>>>>> java -jar myapp.war
>>>>>>> However, when I go to implement it with JWS I get this error.
> -Ross
> On Oct 12, 2009, at 9:05 PM, Timothy Perrett wrote:
>> I cant really post the war im afraid, as its calling all manner of
>> services on some internal systems.
>> The strange thing with all of this is that it works when you execute:
>> java -jar myapp.war
>> Here's what you should need to just make a similar demo project:
>> - the first being the
>> maven build and the 2nd being the launcher im using for jetty.
>> Cheers, Tim
>> On Oct 13, 1:47 am, Ross Mellgren <> wrote:
>>> Especially since it prints out the valid class name in the log
>>> message.
>>> I suppose you can't post the WAR somewhere so I can have a poke?
>>> -Ross

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