I'm trying to create a mapped object that has some calculated values,
where the values are based on actual values in the mapped object.


class Tender extends LongKeyedMapper[Tender] with IdPK with OwnedEntity {
  def getSingleton = Tender
  object start extends MappedDate(this)
  object finish extends MappedDate(this)

  // Calculated field
  object length extends MappedInt(this) {
      override def toString = {....}
      override def ignoreField_? = true // Calculated field

However, I'm having some problems getting this to work:

1) I can't seem to read the values from the other fields within
length, ie both fieldOwner.id.is and id.is returns -1

2) There's no lifecycle callback that is called after load, so I can't (easily)
put the correct value into the field...

Any hints?


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