Hi Aule,

> I am still looking to see if I over-looked somewhere on the web where
> there is a 1.0.2 Boot.scala
>   1) showing unambiguously how to flip the default Content-Type
>   2) and having, in fact, the intended effect
>  as I now know from a few trials over a few hours that this is not as
> simple as some web posts present.

I have not had a need for this, so I had to search some "web posts" to
find the answer.  Quckly, I found the following snippet:

LiftRules.determineContentType = {
  case _ => "text/curl"

I have not verified this, so please let us know if it does not help.

> Were it trivial, I had not mocked a framework, and you, Mr. Pollock,
> had not raged.

>From my readings, Mr. Pollak has yet to show any rage.


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