We've got a solid rule in Lift-land which is we don't respond with RTFM.
 Why?  Because we want to encourage people to ask questions.

There's one exception to that rule that I'll make now.  If your code
suddenly breaks (we do make breaking changes to Lift from time to time),
please at least search the project archives for the phrase "Breaking
Changes".  We work hard to make sure the breaking changes are few and far
between.  We work hard to flag breaking changes long before they happen.
 Yeah, I know not everyone reads every post on this list, but folks with
production apps should spend a little time here.

But, before you post "Gee my app was compiling yesterday and it's not
compiling today", please search for recent posts with the words "Breaking
Changes" in the title.

We will flag these.  We promise.



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