Hi all,

Sorry for the late update. Had a few busy weeks business wise.

I am a Dutch self taught software writer. I am running my own company
from home and planning to use lift to make rich web applications.
Meanwhile I work part time as a coder for a healthcare company to pay
the bills. I have mainly focussed on web applications so far. I
started with PHP, then moved to C# (.NET) and am finally looking at
the java side of web applications through scala since recently. I have
done some small open source contributions, like Spring.NET Db4o
(object database) integration.

Like David said, I am indeed planning to integrate Ext 3 Core into
Lift, which is a modest contribution. After that I am planning to
create an Ext Direct stack which will probably be an external module.



On 15 okt, 19:16, Timothy Perrett <timo...@getintheloop.eu> wrote:
> Welcome to the team dude - care to give some information about
> yourself and background?
> Cheers, Tim
> On Oct 15, 4:46 pm, David Pollak <feeder.of.the.be...@gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > Folks,
> > Please join me in welcoming Dirk to theLift committers.  Dirk is going to
> > integrate Ext.Js (the MIT licensed part of it) into Lift.
> > Welcome Dirk and we look forward to your contributions!
> > Thanks,
> > David
> > --
> > Lift, the simply functional web frameworkhttp://liftweb.net
> > Beginning Scalahttp://www.apress.com/book/view/1430219890
> > Follow me:http://twitter.com/dpp
> > Surf the harmonics
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