hi guys,
I'm looking for a way to generate an rss feed with lift, I'm working
on something like this (from lift-book):

object OwnRssFeed extends XMLApiHelper {
  def dispatch: LiftRules.DispatchPF = {
    case Req("rss" ::   Nil, "", GetRequest) => () => showArticles()
    case Req("rss" :: _ :: Nil, "",  _) => failure _

    def failure() : LiftResponse = {
      val ret: Box[NodeSeq] = Full(<op id="FAILURE"></op>)

    def createTag(in: NodeSeq) = {
      println("[CreateTag] " + in)
      <rss version="2.0">

              <generator>Lift WebFramework</generator>

    def showArticles(): LiftResponse = {
      val a: Box[NodeSeq] = for(a <- Article.find(By
(Article.published, true))) yield {

obviously the yield into the definition of showArticles method break
the cycle to the first one.

Could you suggest me what I can do? I am evaluating lift and scala
just in a while.
Thanks for your attention.
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