Thanks for that link, however it doesn't seem like rewrite rules fire 
for paths that are mapped in the SiteMap. Can anyone confirm that? I 
could have the redirect point to a non-existing URL, and do logic + 
rewrite there. I'm curious though, are rewrites considered if the URL 
matches a page in the SiteMap?

Jeppe Nejsum Madsen wrote:
> Chris Lewis <> writes:
>> Hi list,
>> I'm working on an appengine app, and need to store some user 
>> information. I authenticate the user with their google account, and I 
>> need to create their "local" entity only if it's their first time 
>> logging in.
>> When a user logs in via google, they are redirected back to your app, to 
>> a URL of your choosing. My thought was to catch the request as it comes 
>> back and, if it's their first time logging in, create a User entity. My 
>> question then is how can I do this without:
>> a) Using a snippet, called from the return landing page and emitting 
>> NodeSeq.Empty - hack.
>> b) Using custom dispatch and then redirecting. That may work, but it's 
>> an unneeded round trip.
>> Any thoughts? Thanks!
> Not sure if the landing page is static, has parameters etc and what you
> want to do afterwards. 
> Assume you need to render some template and the landing page is not
> static (if it is you could just use a normal Loc) I would probably wrap
> the landing page in a RewriteRequest, and when a match is made, do the
> user creation/lookup thing and then just render the template.
> Tim wrote and article about rewriting
> Also, I've been using the Locs from CRUDify as an example of how to do
> more custom-type Locs with rewriting.....
> /Jeppe
> > 

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