> That's pretty much my take. The whole Java Calendar/Date/Timezone impl is
> poorly designed, hence Joda Time.

I like Joda Time too, and used to be apprehensive about integrating it
as a dependency into my projects -- at least for simple things that I
could probably do with Date/Calendar, just more hassle...  But I am
less apprehensive now that I know that Stephen Colebourne from Joda-
Time is developing JSR-310 (https://jsr-310.dev.java.net/) -- a new
Date and Time API for Java 7.  If you look at the API, the new
javax.time is basically stealing (I mean integrating) all of the best
parts of Joda-Time.

Now, I am happily using org.joda.time.LocalDate because I know that
eventually, I will just need to change my imports to upgrade to

I haven't had a close look at Scala-Time, but I am not sure if I
understand the value when using straight Joda Time with Scala was so
painless.  But I am sure there is room to leverage Scala features for
things like implicit conversions.

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