Hi, all,

I've been messing around with Loc a bit to try to tighten up the type
safety of the parameterized type and add authentication LocParams that
can be aware of the current value encapsulated by the Loc. I've put up
some changes on the kjn-loc-wip branch and would really like some

Some of the major changes:

* gave LocParam a covariant type parameter to go with Loc's type
parameter and made it a sealed trait, with UserLocParam[T] as the main
extension point for user-defined traits. Added AnyLocParam as base
trait of LocParam instances that are not dependent upon T
* Added IfValue & UnlessValue LocParams
* Made default Loc parameterized by Unit instead of NullLocParams
* Some minor renaming to distinguish between uses of the "Param" name-
- now all Param usages refer to LocParams
* Removed need for a bunch of asInstanceOf casts

What do you all think? Is this something that you'd like to see
cleaned up & committed to master?


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