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> Derek Chen-Becker <dchenbec...@gmail.com> writes:
> [...]
> >  It's entirely subjective, but I just strongly dislike the idea of
> > using method names like jtNow, etc.
> I couldn't agree more....code just doesn't read nice anymore.

I'm cool with other names, but, and this is a huge *BUT*...

having two methods that have different return signatures is a huge source of
bugs.  We saw this when we changed some of the S methods to return
Box[String] rather than String.  There were hundreds of subtle errors.

I'm happy to deprecate now and have goodNow (returns JodaTime) and evilNow
(returns java.util.Date), but I am 100% against changing a return signature.

I am sorry that my position is making folks unhappy, especially Derek who
works hard and does a great job.



> /Jeppe
> >

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