CMS, wiki, blog, forum also sound more interesting than bug tracking
system to me :-)

On Sat, Oct 24, 2009 at 11:13 AM, aw <> wrote:
> I don't mean to be negative, but are other options being considered
> besides a ticketing system?  I kind of wonder if the effort is worth
> it when excellent alternatives exist (like JIRA -- their Git
> integration may interest you:  
> -- I have used their Subversion integration and was very pleased).
> I would be far more interested in seeing something done for the
> benefit of the Lift Web Site.  (Is it written with Lift?)  I don't see
> a Lift CMS -- and that is something that could evolve well over time.
> I think it is important for a web framework to use their own stuff,
> and it should be indicative of the cool things that it can do,
> stability, scale, and performance...  (I am amazed that I have seen
> rather poor demonstrations of this, specifically by Adobe and JBoss --
> but again, I'm not trying to be negative...)
> I see the Lift site integrating Google Analytics...  Is that something
> that could be "out of the box" with Lift?  That could be a selling
> point to people making external web sites.
> Another area that would be neat to develop is instrumentation.  Sort
> of the JMX-Console equivalent for Lift.  For scalability and sizing
> analysis, this would be really useful.
> Having said that, one major feature that I feel is missing from github
> is the lack of attachments for an issue.  How do you attach test cases
> or patches for an issue?
> >

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